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This Year’s Best James Bond Adventure Wasn’t In a Movie - Esquire

Thu, September 15, 2022

"That’s right: in order to get the best book-Bond fix available right now, the curious reader may actually want to start their print 007 adventure with three wonderful books all written by Anthony Horowitz.
These books are Trigger Mortis (2015), Forever and Day (2018), and the last of the Horowitz trio, With a Mind to Kill, which was published in May 2022."

"With his jolts of realism, it’s tempting to say that Horowitz has done for the new James Bond books what the Daniel Craig movies did for the film franchise. But it’s actually a little more interesting and nuanced than that. By merging Fleming’s propulsive sense of storytelling with the mind-puzzles of le Carré, Horowitz has created the James Bond books Fleming should have written."

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