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Originally published in The Telegraph
Mon, September 14, 2015

It may be a bit perverse to be writing about Greece while the country is having such a tough time financially. But sitting at a crowded kafeneo with the sun shining, not a cloud in the sky and the Aegean Sea so dazzling blue it puts the Mediterranean to shame, it’s always hard to be gloomy.…

Originally published in The Telegraph
Tue, July 07, 2015

There is no place quite like Sydney, a city ablaze with colour during the annual Vivid Festival.I got back from Sydney a short while ago and I am writing this in the evil grip of jet lag. My eyes are throbbing and I am having hot flushes. It is necessary to focus incredibly hard to hit the right…

Originally published in The Telegraph
Sun, May 31, 2015

The novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz explores the art, wine and wilderness of Auckland, New Zealand.At first, I wasn’t sure whether to recommend Auckland as a holiday destination. For a start, it will take you 25 hours to get there and even if you travel, as I did, on a double-decker…

Originally published in The Telegraph
Tue, April 28, 2015

Anthony Horowitz's Omani journey ends in an Arabian mountain retreat perched above a vast canyon.Normally, when I go on holiday, I’m interested in monuments and museums, culture and ethnography. Why travel if you don’t learn something about the country you are visiting? I’ve never…

Originally Published in The Telgraph
Tue, March 17, 2015

"That’s terrific,” said the lady from the New Orleans Visitors’ Bureau (NOVB), when I phoned to say I’d be writing an article about her city. “We’ll work out an itinerary for you and recommend some great restaurants. It’s our pleasure.”A week before I left, I still hadn’t…

Originally published in The Telegraph
Tue, March 03, 2015

Anthony Horowitz experiences complex emotions as he visits the former Nazi death camp - and makes a plea for more sensitivity among visiting tourists.Why did I visit Auschwitz? Why does anyone? I suppose I went because I’m a writer and Auschwitz permeates modern culture: from Bent to Samuel…

Originally published in The Telegraph
Sun, January 25, 2015

Anthony Horowitz enjoys a Caribbean winter sun on an offbeat break in Tulum on the south coast of Mexico.Why are there suddenly so many Mexican restaurants in London? Where I live – in Clerkenwell – I’m surrounded by them and the truth is, I’ve never been sure about Mexican cuisine. It…

Originally published in The Telegraph
Sat, January 03, 2015

Anthony Horowitz explains why Foyle's War has remained on screens for over a decade.It’s extraordinary to think that it was 15 years ago that I thought up a crime series called “The Blitz Detective”. It would be set in London during the Second World War and it would feature a main…

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