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I notice a lot of posts on the website and as usual I’m weeks behind so here are my excuses.

I’m moving house. Right now everything I own is piled up in cardboard boxes and I’m spending half my life racing up and down the M4 between Devizes (where I’m living) and Clerkenwel lwhich is where I’ll be living once the flat is ready.

I’m insanely busy (as ever) just finished the LAST EVER EPISODE of Foyles War. And Ive begun work on a new series for the BBC.


I’m 35,000 words in (but don’t tell my publishers or they’ll only want me to deliver it sooner). This one is taking a lot of research. I’ve already spent a day on a container ship down in Southampton and early in the New Year I’m flying to Malta to check out the chapter that features my old friend, Yassen Gregorovich. I’m also flying to Aberdeen to visit an oil rig for the climax.

I think the book is going really well, in tone its closer to Scorpia than Ark Angel (and Scorpia are back they feature in the first chapter which I’ll hide somewhere on this site early next year). So far, Alex has had a pretty rough time and its about to get a whole lot worse once he crash lands in the Australian rain forest

And since quite a lot of you are asking this, no Snakehead won’t be the last Alex book. At least, I hope not. There’ll be at least one more.

I’m also getting a lot of questions about the film of Stormbreaker.

Stormbreaker did pretty well in the UK it made around $15m which is fantastic for an independent British film. By and large it got good reviews too. (Did anyone notice how the press treated Eragon this week? They can be nasty when they want to!)

Meanwhile, the DVD of Stormbreaker did brilliantly: 110,000 sold in the first week.

Other news. Nightrise comes out in April. I’ve just seen the cover and Walker Books have done a fantastic job. I’m travelling to Hong Kong in July with fonoS (some of you may have had messages from him on this site just ignore him and maybe he’ll go away). That’s research for volume four!

A few things to look out for: Desert Island Discs on December 31st (please excuse the slightly weird choice of music). A TV appearance on BBC4 on December 28th. And an original Alex Rider story appearing in two issues of The Daily Mail some time around Christmas! It’s a sort of prequel featuring Alex when he was thirteen, before he became a spy. I hope it amuses you.

There’ll also be a short new Diamond Brothers book some time in 07: The Greek that Stole Christmas. Meanwhile, Walker Books are re-issuing all the old Diamond Brothers books with new covers (yet again). Ive written new introductions which made me smile anyway.

Anyway HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS. All good wishes for 2007the year of the new Alex. Cant wait

Anthony Horowitz

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